Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to contact ASX Charts?

All enquiries can be emailed to our address.
How does ASX Charts manage security?

ASX Charts uses TLS / SSL layer encryption across the website. Data is encrypted and a Digital Secure Site Certificate is maintained.

Online Store transactions are managed by PayPal and their secure online payment systems. ASX Charts does not receive or manage any Credit Card information. All such information is securely managed by PayPal.

As part of the online checkout process, name and contact details are recorded for invoicing purposes only. ASX Charts does not use or disclose this information for any other purpose.

ASX Charts does not send unsolicited email or contact users requesting any personal information. ASX Charts does not disclose email addresses to any third parties.
How does the Online Store Checkout process work?

To purchase a single Tutorial for a small one time payment, users can click on the respective link 'Purchase Full Tutorial' under a relevant Chart.

The Online Store Cart will open in a new browser window as below. Name, address and email details can be entered to progress. It is important to enter the correct email address as a download link for the Tutorial to be digitally delivered in PDF file format, as well as a receipt will be emailed.

Click on 'Checkout'.
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The Billing page will display as below. Address information for invoicing can then be entered.

Company names and phone numbers are optional.

Click on 'Next'.
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The Payment page will display as below.

Click on the black 'PayPal Checkout' button to pay by logging into your PayPal account first and finalising the transaction there. A PayPal window will open to guide this process.

Alternatively click on the Visa / MasterCard / Amex buttons underneath if you wish to pay by Credit Card through PayPal as a guest. A PayPal account is not required for this option. A PayPal guest window will open to guide this process.

If you would like to be notified of new Tutorial additions to ASX Charts check the 'Subscribe' box.

Any fields for shipping address in the PayPal payment process should be filled out for receipt purposes only. The Tutorial PDF file will be digitally delivered.
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Following successful payment through PayPal, the ASX Charts Online Cart will register confirmation. A 'Download' button will appear immediately on the Cart page.

Click on the Download button to retrieve the Tutorial in PDF file format.

A receipt will be emailed by ASX Charts and this email will also contain another Download link button that can be used to retrieve the Tutorial PDF file in the future.

A receipt will also be emailed by PayPal directly. Any reference to shipping address on the PayPal receipting is for invoice purposes only. The Tutorial PDF file is digitally delivered only.

How do I receive the purchased Tutorial?

Following successful payment the Tutorial will be available for download through the 'Download' link button provided on the Online Cart purchase confirmation page, or alternatively at any time from the download link emailed on the purchase receipt from ASX Charts.

All Tutorials are delivered digitally in PDF file format.

Is the payment for a single Tutorial?

Yes, the payment is for the purchase of a single Tutorial for the one time charge. There are no recurring charges.

Why does ASX Charts charge a fee for the Tutorials?

ASX Charts is interested in the development of Charting, Technical Analysis and Trading skills. Effective techniques applied to price Chart analysis can deliver many thousands of dollars in trading profits. For a very small charge readers may benefit greatly from hearing different perspectives.

Tutorials for purchase contain premium content with more in depth analysis and discussion of trading techniques.

ASX Charts also publishes free Tutorials that are available for download. Clicking on the 'Free Tutorials' tag in the main page sidebar will display these. An example can also be seen on the following link.

WES 28 July 2021.pdf

For a more enjoyable user experience ASX Charts does not cover the website with annoying pop-up advertising.

Are ASX Charts materials protected by Copyright Law?

Yes, all materials published by ASX Charts are protected by Copyright Law. Purchased Tutorials are for the personal use of the purchaser only. Distributing, sharing or publishing the Tutorials in any way is strictly prohibited.
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